Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Must have libraries for Android application-Part2

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We all want to develop rapid and stable applications. This post is in continuation of  this.

Making seamless network calls:

Retrofit: It is an awesome library to make network calls. More info can be found here. Sample class to make new web request. I have released a wrapper on Retrofit which can be helpful. It can be found here.


Android Iconics: This library helps reduce apk size as it provides highly scalable icons for all resolutions. More info can be found here.


Priority Job Queue: This library makes life easier by providing easy to use interface for creating jobs instead of async tasks etc. More info is available here.


Timber:  This is small library to use for logging with in the application. Usage and other info available here.

Date Time:

Joda Time Android :  This library is android port of famous JodaTime library to ease the pain of Date time manipulations. For more info check here.

Hope this helps. Happy coding.

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