Tuesday, February 2, 2016

RetroClient- Library for making HTTP calls using Retrofit and OkHttp

Hello All:

Interaction with back-end using REST based API is very common in application development.
There are multiple libraries to make network calls on Android. Following two are most used.
  1. Volley
  2. Retrofit
In this tutorial I will share a library which can be helpful in making network calls on Android.

RetroClient came into existence to minimize the code needed for making HTTP calls. Every call to API generally requires
  1. Boiler plate code to check and handle network state
  2. Initialize HTTP client
  3. Handle response
  4. Handle error
This library is my effort to reduce the time involved in developing android applications which involves web interaction.

 Some features of the library
  1. Provides out of the box network check and error handling
  2. Show progress view while making network calls
  3. Multiple methods for initializing Retrofit services
Detailed usage is available here

Hope this helps you in your future projects.
Do share your feedback and issues.

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